​Pet Services of Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon Dog Club is dedicated to the memory of Marta St-James.  Marta was a friend to animals and a loving advocate for dogs.  She reunited so many lost or found dogs with their owners here in the Gold Canyon area.  Gold Canyon has lost a "Dog Angel", but Heaven has gained one.

Marta and Kramer

Gold Canyon Dog Club is a social club focused on providing a positive, dog-friendly environment for its members.  The club is dedicated to education, training and fun activities for its members and dogs, regardless of origin, breed, size or age.  We benefit the dog owners and the community by providing better socialized dogs and more responsible dog owners.

The mission of Gold Canyon Dog Club is to provide for the needs of dogs and dog-owners in several ways.

* Educate people to care for and handle their dogs for their mutual love and enjoyment

​*Provide social activities for dogs and dog-owners

*Offer training and educational programs for dog-owners and their dogs.

*Support local shelters and rescue organizations

Next meeting to be announced

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Photography by Curt Fonger, Visions of the Southwest Photography



Agenda:        To be announced once we are past the COVID-19 crises.  

Gold Canyon Dog Club