Pet Taxi Service

We provide a taxi service for your

pets.  We will transport your pet

anywhere your pet needs to go,

such as the groomer, the veterinarian, doggie day care or boarding facility or pet airways.  We provide one way or round trip service.

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Pet Services

When you contact us to book your first service, we provide a free consultation to meet your pet, answer your questions and help you determine which services are the best fit for you and your pet.

Puppy Ca​re

Puppies are a wonderful addition to your family, however they have special needs, which parents do not always have the time to dedicate.  We provide the proper exposure and training needed for your puppy to become a well adjusted adult.

We will introduce your puppy to all types of new situations, objects and people in a safe and protection environment to avoid his or her being timid or scared.  We provide play time and exercise time to take care of all of that excess energy.  Your puppy will love you for the extra special training and you will love your puppy for years to come.

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Does your pet have socialization problems?  Is it impossible to take your dog for a walk because he or she is out of control, barks at strangers or other dogs?  Does your pet play with other pets or shy away from them?

All kinds of reasons contribute to a lack of socialization.  We are here to help.  We have the knowledge and techniques necessary to help any pet overcome their issues of fear, shyness, anger or aggression.  We can help your pet, no matter what the age.

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Poop Scooping

Just what the title says, we will scoop your doggy's poop on a schedule that works for you and  your dog.  We dispose of the poop for you to avoid smelly trash cans.

Rates are based on number of dogs and number of visits starting at only $8.00 per visit.

Dog Walking

We know how important it is for our dogs to exercise every day.  

Don't worry if you just can't get there.  We will walk your dogs as often as you wish.  And we will make sure that they have lots of fun and exercise during their favorite time of day.

30 min walk (1-2 pets)                   $12.00    

45 min walk (1-2 pets)                   $18.00

Or, we offer walks in increments of 10 or 20 prepaid for BIG SAVINGS!

​Pet Services of Gold Canyon