​Pet Services of Gold Canyon

Coddled Cats

Kathy and Paul have provided our cats, Molly and Sabrina, with the best care and love anyone could ever ask for their beloved pets.  It was so hard to leave them for a week until we started receiving our daily email WITH PICTURE from Kathy, and that ended our concern.  Our cats were able to stay in their own home and still be loved and coddled just like we do with them.  Thank you for such a wonderful service.  You are both the very best there is!


Relaxed and Responsive

We didn't get a chance to let you know what a big difference you made in Nikki's behavior.  She is much more relaxed, social and responsive to our calls.  It was the best time and money we ever spent.  Thank you so much.

Sue and George

The Best Care

Thank you for taking the best care of us while our Mommy and Daddy were away.  We tried to be good boys for you and Uncle Paul.  We couldn't have been in better hands.  We Love You!

Ziggy and Brad

You Will Be a Saint

You do the nicest things in the nicest way.  In doggy heaven you will be a "Saint."


Great Teacher

Shelby and "I" have learned so much from our classes.  Things have gotten so much better.  You are a great teacher and trainer.  I only wish we would of taken classes sooner!  Thank you.


Learned So Much

Thank you so much for your knowledge, guidance and experience!  Nikki has learned so much from you!  We can't thank you enough.

Amanda, Rob & Nikki

Awesome Trainer

We wanted to send a note to say how grateful we are for all your help with our doggies, Shelky and especially Cali!  You're such an awesome trainer!  Cali and Shelky miss you, so we'll have to bring them by.  Thank you again.

Mike & Barb, Shelky & Cali

I Can Be Smart

Thanks for teaching my Mom and Dad Shih-tzh all that stuff so I can be a smart doggie.


Patience & Understanding

I wanted to thank you for your patience and for being so understanding about my special needs during my beginner truing class with you.  You will be happy to hear that it really has paid off!  I listen to my mommy very well and we have tons of fun playing together every day.  I' working hard to overcome my bad memories  and have made so much progress that my mommy started to let me off my leash to play with my other doggie friends!  Thank you for all you did! 

Lila & Mommy (Rachel)

Good Care

Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Tillie & Miki & the Gang

Amazing Instructor

Kathy Fabish is an amazing instructor.  She is professional, knowledgeable and makes each class fun.  She has a natural affinity with animals and the dogs just love and respect her.  This is my second class with Kathy and I'll be signing up for another class in a few weeks.  I highly recommend her to my friends and puppy buyers.


Avoided Shelter

Thank you so much for all that you've done.  Without your help I'm afraid Christi would have gone to a shelter.  You were such a blessing.  Christi and I are so grateful.


Well Taken Care Of

Thank you so much for pet sitting for us while we were on vacation.  It was a great comfort to know that Raleigh and Nala were being well taken care of.

Bill and Liz

Fantastic At Your Job

Thank you sincerely for everything!  You are fantastic at your job and we are lucky to have ended up in your class.  Hopefully Lilly will be your "student" again very soon.

Cheryl, Marc & Lilly

Help and Encouragement

Thank you for all the help and encouragement you have given us in helping Bailey to become comfortable with other dogs and learn how to have a very happy and playful life we believe he deserves.  Before your help we were at a complete loss as what to do to help him.  He is already much better.  We will continue with your instruction and hope to see you again next year.

Milli and Michael, Bailey and Cheri